Friday, June 1, 2012

A new distraction

The fact that Puppy doesn’t have a wallet these days is leaving him to look for other distractions. So he has gone back to his MP3 player after a few months of not listening to his songs. Keep in mind that he is still upset about having to substitute for his wallet. And also remember that we are experiencing some rebellious issues with the new baseball practices. With this said Puppy was using his MP3 player rather frequently and found a screen he hadn’t seen before. He asked what it was and I explained audio recordings are him talking into the MP3 to record messages and he quickly got excited. “How mom, how does it work?” I didn’t know and told him we’d have to ask one of my brothers. He wasn’t happy with that answer but went about his business as usual. Some days he patience, and this was one of them.

Then the other day he gave up on waiting and asked me again how it works. I just happened to be sitting at the computer and Googled the model to get the user’s guide. There it was; I read it several times to make sure I understood, and then tried it myself. It worked! He was thrilled to hear it work that he picked it up out of my hands and said, “Show me.”  As I was explaining it to him, he searched for a pen and asked me to write down the steps to recording his own voice. He tried it and was in awe of this small device that repeats his words. He hurried outdoors to start recording. Just before bedtime he tells me the battery had given out. It was time to recharge so I asked him to leave it on the computer desk.

  The following morning he wakes to go to school and actually doesn’t even remember about the MP3 player. Once he was off to school I went back upstairs to finish getting myself ready for work. I saw the MP3 on the desk and went to plug it in to recharge. Once I was there I sat down at the computer and went to listen to his fifty-eight (58) recordings. Most of them were accidental recordings where he wasn’t sure it was on and he’d click on the button and then turn it off. This went on for several minutes of dead air and yet there were some of him talking to the dog. Some were him talking and just too cute to delete.

And then there it was…yes, the reason for him being outdoors alone.  Puppy has a routine of talking to himself whenever he has unwanted behaviors. And although he was not in any trouble, he recorded himself talking in the same Spanish words he uses and then followed by some foul language. Oh I’m sure he must have thought it was cool, but he never imagined I was going to hear it. I left it there. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but it was his and he’s being a teenager, and it was private to him. I want him to bring it to me first. Then I’ll probably delete it but only after explaining it was “not cool” to record those words, even if no one else knows he did. This is another lesson to be learned at another time.