Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend getaway

This past weekend was just what we needed.  Puppy and I joined other family members on a trip to Austin, Texas, to celebrate my niece's 7th birthday party.

Puppy and I quickly packed our bags after I picked him up from daycare on Friday when I got out of work. We rode with my sister Cookie, to San Antonio that night.  We stayed at her daughter's (my niece and her boyfriend's).  We went out to dinner and had a pleasant meal with good company, my nephew Bobby and his girlfriend joined us. It had been a long evening with the two and a half hours drive, so after a little conversation we headed to sleep. Puppy was a wonderful passenger on our drive and was well behaved at the restaurant.

Oh boy. See this is what happens, interruptions. Puppy is calling me upstairs to tuck him into bed.  This is why I can't seem to finish writing anything.

I don't want to keep you waiting for the rest of the story about our weekend, but I will tell you this...Puppy was the best he had been in a long time. Not one single tantrum, or angry face, or bad word. He was easy going, patient and we enjoyed our time out of town with our family. He received so much praise and recognition from me for his good behavior. I could tell that he was proud of himself and he was aware of how he had not been angry and never caused self-injury all three days of our trip. It was a great feeling for both of us.