Saturday, April 28, 2012

That darn wallet

I started my routine for Friday morning as I usually do on any given weekday. Nothing special was going on. After breakfast and watching the news headlines; I went to wake up Puppy so that he could also begin moving. He starts his weekdays by calling my sister Margie. She gives him a pep talk to jump out of bed, listen to his mom and to have a good day at school. He hangs up and returns the cell phone to me before going to get himself dressed. 

I was actually surprised he did not hesitate in completing his regular daily tasks, but I found him rather quiet so I looked and found him in his bedroom. He was there sitting on the edge of the bed staring at his wallet in hand. He was spooked by me walking in at first, but then started to explain that he fixed it and it’s just the way he wanted it. I asked to look at his wallet. Puppy had taken some of those 3M wall hooks (around six of them). He applied the double-sided pieces to create tape needed to attach a pocket or sleeve for credit cards on a section of the wallet that had none. I took a long deep sigh. He started to say, “Its okay, I want it like this.” And as I opened it further, I saw he had cut the only two pockets the wallet had on the inside flap. He told me that was because he wanted the cards to slide in sideways and not upright. 

He looked at me and was searching for approval. The damage was done and there was no need to argue or give him a lecture, especially this early in the day. The wallet is his and that’s how he feels it needs to be, so I just asked him if that was how he liked it, and he agreed. I did tell him that next time he should ask me for help so I can make the cuts straight and maybe save the pockets instead of removing them. He apologized but said that he was happy anyway.

So this was just another episode from the adventures of “The Wallet.”