Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Doing pretty well

Puppy is doing much better since I started the changes in his medications last week. His teacher tells me he is a more pleasant person, talkative, responsive, and overall happy.  These words are music to my ears. He’s come such a long way from the deep darker side episodes of repeated tantrums and meltdowns. 

He has also become a persistent debater whenever it comes to him wanting or requesting a new wallet, or just wanting to modify his present wallet with tape to create new sleeves (which is everyday); or arguing that his dirty jeans with the rip on the back pocket that shows the wallet are not really that dirty and he HAS to wear them because they are his favorite pair. And now two pairs have rips, so he has two favorite jeans that he switches back and forth. Oh and did I mention the rips were made by scissors and not wear and tear? That’s just Puppy.

I am actually seeing progress in his weekly spelling words being put to use in his everyday conversations. I beam with pride whenever he is studying and he makes random sentences with the words; it reassures me he has understood the definition of the word. 

So I can say that as long as there are no more unannounced visits from the police, or torn jeans, we are doing pretty well.