Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Internet Service

Yes, I fell into that category of being an Internet customer whom thought that my provider would keep me going if I paid every other month or actually, every three months. Well, they didn't. Funny thing is that when I called to make payment they were unable to find my account, and that's with me giving them the account number, address, phone number, and even my social security number. I tried for weeks making a call and getting the same run around from operator to operator in different departments and different states.

Finally, my mom decided to set up her Internet at my parents' home. My brother Albert used to pay for it, but he has left this world for a better one so the account was cancelled. But that is another story for another day. So in helping her set up her account on the telephone, I took advantage of the operator and he searched high and low and found my account. It was in the "disconnect and do not reconnect" files. He said that I'd have to open a new account to have service. So I went through the entire process of applying only to be told that I was unable to have service with AT&T because I didn't have a land-line.  But I didn't have one before? There was a nice operator who had done some slicks on my application the last time that allowed me to have an account; but now it seemed that I was not compliant with the rules and could not have them as a provider.

So I had to give in and pay a little higher fee for having TWC as a provider. I even upgraded my TV package and I'm happier that I get channels I missed for years, I just hope I don't regret it when the bill comes in for payment.

I am back and I will try to keep up with my blog. I just think that postings are better when they have pictures, so I take pictures of Puppy and think it will make a story, but then I sit at the computer and go blank. I can't make a story about the picture, it's no longer as interesting as I thought it would be so I don't write. I promise that I will sit myself down and hopefully get into a rhythm of posting.