Friday, November 30, 2012

The New A/C Unit

As if the broken washer wasn't enough to interrupt our lives, on August 16 our A/C goes out on us...on a weekend. Luckily, I have a cousin-once-removed that works in the field of repairs and a call had him visiting by noon. He gave me the diagnosis and it was yet another unexpected expense, not in my budget.

I made a call or maybe sent a text to my sister Margie. Puppy and I asked to move in to her home until I could get the A/C repaired. The plus to this move was that I was already going to her house to wash clothes so we were already spending Saturday and some Sundays there.

Well, I don't want to bore you with details but let's just say the repair was not smooth.  We bought one part, put it on, then the mother boards weren't communicating indoors with outdoors, or the new thermostat.  We ended up replacing more than just a motor as originally planned, but on October 7, our new 5-ton A/C unit was installed completely and was operating to cool down our home that had been through several days of 100+ temperatures. It took about four hours to get the house comfortable again.

Puppy and I were so tired from the wait during the installation in the heat that we just dropped and slept at home. We then went to gather our things within the next few days. It didn't seem like we had taken so much over to my sister's but it took more than one trip. However, on this day we were still going over to do laundry at her place. I actually considered just staying there at one time. But after seeing Puppy happy at home, I knew it was time to come home, too.

Many thanks to the financial support of my sister Aud and my parents. And another big thanks to Margie for putting a roof over our heads.


Darryl Iorio said...

You must have been sweating out all those times! That was one heck of an experience! Good thing you have a cousin who could manage everything, although it seems the repairs didn't turn out to be as smooth as expected. Nevertheless, you deserve a great rest after that tiring day, and I hope you did! :)


Claire said...

Well, we only went through the yucky sweating when we had to go home to get clothes or food since we were sleeping at my sister's. But on repair day, it was all day and not something I wish on my worst enemy. So glad it's over.