Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shattered thoughts

Shattered were my thoughts from yesterday's blog. I guess I spoke too soon and jinxed things.

It started with the morning routine going fine, until I waved good-bye to him as he left on the school bus; came to pick up dishes at the kitchen, and noticed he had not taken his medications.

I called the teacher to make her aware of this and to please watch for any unusual mood swings. I kept my phone close all day. Whew! No calls from school. Turns out he seems to have done well both at school and at daycare.

I suppose he was just waiting for me. Waiting to be himself and waiting to show his true colors at home. Yes, I'm more than certain other parents know what I'm talking about. Puppy comes home after a pleasant drive and, bam! He walks in the door and those mood swings I was hoping to avoid came pouring out.

Puppy was upset. I don't know what triggered this anger. He really didn't give me much notice. But it was here and loud. Puppy was angry and his first outlet is cussing. I see him and he looks like a lion with his chest out and shoulders back and the look on his face is not one I like. I do worry, but my worries are not the same as other times. I am fully aware of how this dance is going to go. He is mimicking what he's seen and this anger is not an actual emotion he is experiencing. I know this is not easy to follow, but stay with me.

My guess is Puppy is home and already bored. So his mind begins to wonder. He sees the computer station in the hallway and is angered that I have put a password on it that prevents him from using it. And if you are reading between the lines, I had to do this to keep him from searching websites he should not be watching. He discovered that he can type a word by sounding it out and Google will correct his spelling. Wow!

Puppy has even learned how to search Google on my iPhone. But even more surprising, he has learned how to delete his searches. Yep, he's very observant. He saw me clear it only once.

And the moments go by with him screaming and hitting his head and punching a wall (no hole this time) and the only thing that angers him more is me ignoring him. But this is also the only thing that makes him calm down enough to regain my attention. His apologies follow and he is calm without any serious injury. My patience has paid off. Our evening is back to quiet and pleasant. I can get used to this. And even though this calmness is not always here, it is here enough to enjoy each other's company. Gotta love Puppy. He's unique, he's Puppy.

Monday, February 10, 2014


It's another Monday. The days are just flying by and I don't know how to slow them down. I feel like Puppy is rushing to get to a place where he will be all he can be. No, nothing serious like joining the Army or anything, just seems like he becoming a little bit more independent and not needing me so much anymore.

He's always one step ahead of me and searching for more. Puppy is doing pretty well in class and even his behaviors at home have improved.  He is able to talk himself out of a situation, he will verbally scold himself for cussing, and the self-injury has been greatly reduced. Puppy is very aware of his actions and behaviors that he has even fallen into his daily routines like a fine tuned instrument.

It sure feels great to write about Puppy and he's progress. Positive progress!