Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh, what a morning!

Day two into our summer schedule hit a bump on the road. Or should I say, there was an object on the road that punctured my rear tire on the drive to Puppy's school.

As I'm getting closer to my first of three turns or corners before dropping Puppy off, I drive over to the right shoulder and there's a loud noise coming from the back of the pickup. My first thoughts were that we forgot to take down a bag of groceries from the night before, and now it was moving around freely in the truck bed. So I made my turn and pull over to a safe location to retrieve the items. I obviously don't find anything there; so I walk around the truck the find my passenger rear tire is losing air.

Being about two blocks from the campus, Puppy and I hit the road and started walking. On my way, I called my boss to let him know I'd be late, and then called a wrecker service to come change the tire with my spare. Once at the front of the school I gave Puppy a kiss and sent him on his way inside. I turned around and headed back to the truck. Nothing else to do but sit and wait, and catch up on my facebook and twitter.

The wrecker truck finally showed and switched the tires for me and I was on my way about one and a half hour late. Luckily, it was not a sign of how the remainder of my day went. Whew!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday finally came

Puppy and I started our new week. Unlike most other days, we were both ready and eager. We are adjusting with the changes, and moving along smoothly.

Monday went pretty well. I drove Puppy to school for his first day of Extended School Year, I went to work, then picked him up at the new daycare where he was left off by the school bus driver and monitor after his release from class. His teacher there said he had a terrific day and I was very pleased to see him surrounded by new friends. They were all on the carpet playing and because he was having fun, I actually had to call his name to get his attention. I liked seeing a big grin on his face that let me know he was having a great time.

Then our ride home goes well, too. And for another first, we were having the person who will be assisting with PCS coming over. She did, and we had an introduction that went better than expected, Puppy liked her! She will be coming into our home every Monday through Friday for two hours in the evenings, and three hours on Saturday.

Let me just say that she is wonderful. She has experience working with many special needs children of different ages. I could not have found a better person to let into our home.

We will continue to set up a schedule for Puppy that covers his new school hours, daycare and PCS hours at home. I can only say that I am getting myself prepared for the roller-coaster ride, and yet...I'm hoping it's a carousel that has no surprises.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ready for a fresh start

Well, I did it. After much deliberation, today I withdrew Puppy from his daycare with Teacher Ana, and registered him at a different daycare. The change officially takes place on Monday.

I thanked Teacher Ana for all her help these last few years. She has always been there for me. She never said no to early drop-offs and late pick-ups, and to unexpected drop-offs, helping him do homework and keeping the bus driver and bus monitor in line. She taught Puppy many things. She taught him discipline and respect. She was firm and caring. I can write a list, but there's not enough space.

Puppy is very fond of her and this is important when it comes to having someone care for my son. And yes, there were tears. Mostly mine, but it felt good to know that we made a friendship that will last a lifetime. We will miss her.

I am just praying that I made the right decision. Now it's back to learning new faces and people. New rules and new routines. But we are so ready to make a fresh start. Even Puppy seems excited.

My interview for Puppy's PCS assistant was switched from Friday to Saturday. Someone forgot to cross their fingers. But mine are still crossed with hope that we can make a schedule to work for both of us. Oh, and that she agrees to take the job, too.

Well, I have a list of things to do tomorrow and I can hear my bed calling my name. I must listen. Good night Puppy. See you in the morning.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Changing daycare facilities

It's been about a week since I went to visit a daycare facility that I'm considering for Puppy. It's actually a difficult decision to make and is not being made without careful thought and research.

I am very happy with the director at the daycare he has attended for almost four years now. Teacher Ana (as Puppy calls her) was quick to figure him out. She has never had a problem with his behaviors and has even been helpful in continuing lessons learned at home, school or even those she set up at daycare. Routine is very important and we all have to be on the same page.

This January the daycare was moved into the director's home and it is now a licensed home care. It's still the same if you ask me, just limited to one room instead of an entire house. Her license is for children between the ages of 6 months to 12 years. So come this July, Puppy will be too old at 13 years. The director was kind enough to offer us one more year, but with Puppy being the oldest and tallest child, I'm taking it as a sign that we need to move on. Besides, I'm hoping Puppy will get a little more activity, find some distractions away from his obsession and meet a few older kids at this new daycare.

I also got more good news yesterday! I received a call from a teacher aide at a local high school that has answered my ad for PCS hours for Puppy. She has experience working with special needs students for the last 6 years. She may be the answer to my problems. We have an appointment to interview each other on Friday, so I'll write about the results afterward. Everyone cross your fingers!