About Claire...

I'm a single parent and mom to a wonderful, beautiful boy with autism, Puppy. Some days are tougher than others, but we are still standing and moving forward with new challenges everyday.

Our unconditional love is what keeps us going strong. The real story behind Puppy and me coming together in the summer of 2002 is not as important as the journey we are traveling together. Nothing makes me prouder than being called his mom.

I don't know how this blog will turn out. Some might view it as my personal journal, maybe it is. My intentions are to share my thoughts and some events that happen to us every day, the good and the not so good. I have learned so much from reading other blogs and articles that I hope I can contribute even a little to someone else searching for answers about autism.

Every person with autism or an ASD are individuals and each one is different. However, they all share characteristics and habits that I'm hoping to write about as they come up in our everyday living. May my experiences serve as a reminder that we need to have understanding and patience for all our special needs children.

I know that I’m not a good writer, but I will try my best to express myself to get my stories across to anyone who will take the time to read about Puppy and me…and autism.