Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Personal

For over a year now, and I have enjoyed reading and sometimes even participating on Twitter.  Today I read some postings by some of my "imaginary" friends about blogging and I feel the same way as they do.   For me, blogging is simply a journal, diary, my log of events or issues about our lives...it's personal.

Since I'm new to blogging, I have kept my blog private because I'm not ready to share with the rest of the world all that I write.  It may also be that my grammar isn't as good as it once was and it might take away from the story or  message for the day.  I'll probably share someday, but I'm taking baby steps, baby steps.

I use my Outlook Calendar to write myself notes, doctor's appointments, school events, teacher comments, medication refills, birthdays, etc.  The calendar is a place I go to daily and it just seemed like the practical place to keep everything together.  But you know, that calendar was getting pretty tiny for some of the stuff I was keeping.  The only benefit was that I could see it all at a quick glance and I am able to maneuver between daily, weekly or monthly views, but I then have to click on icons to show extended notes, also back and forth, over and over.

Mostly, it is the one sure place where I can find all my information that was past, present, future...plus I can review it whenever necessary.  Notebooks or At-A-Glance handbooks were no longer easy for me because I was forgetting to write in it, was limited on space, and I was leaving it behind at home, or work or in the truck. But I can always find a computer and I don't have to carry the Internet calendar.  Besides, I can also access the calendar on my iphone.  Woohoo!

This will be my place to share the experiences between Puppy and myself. I probably won't write about any researched material. The truth is -- I don't have time to do research; however, I am always reading about this or that, and trying to keep up to date with the latest on the Internet. Thanks to twitter and yes, my "imaginary" friends, I have more than I can handle.  The best part is that my twitter friends narrow down most of the basics and new articles. Some of these people have been dealing with autism longer than I have, so it's comforting to know that there are several places for support and information.

You wanna hear something funny?  If you would have asked me eight, five or even three years ago if I would write about our lives and how autism is a part of it, I would have said, "No."  There was really no reason to write.  We took our days one at a time and did our best. I'll explain later why this changed, and how these days I have so much to say.  This is already my tenth or eleventh blog, lol.  This has become my personal blog and are only my own opinions and thoughts.