Monday, November 8, 2010

The Weekend is Over

It's the first Monday on Daylight Saving Time (Central).  Puppy and I made it off to school and work, sliding out the door.  It wasn't that we didn't wake up with enough time, we just had some distractions.

Puppy and I had a pretty good weekend.  Actually it was a little rougher for Puppy because on Friday he had his wallet removed by the teacher aide and kept at school over the weekend.  His teacher had meetings all day.

I know it doesn't sound like anything serious, but for is similar to his security blanket.  He has several interests and right now, his wallet is very important to him and on top of the list.

We have begun to use Applied Behavior Analysis to help Puppy.  I am in daily communication with Puppy's teacher, and she is clear about how she practices ABA with him and she will take the time to talk to him calmly with examples for him to understand the reasons she does certain things or actions in class.

The TA let me know he had an outburst in class which resulted with her taking the wallet, but she did not go into details as to what caused the outburst and how it was addressed other than she took his wallet.  I am unsure if he should have had it taken from him by another person who is not the teacher.  Although I have to respect that the aides are familiar with the daily practices and consequences the teacher uses, the reason for keeping his wallet over the weekend may or may not have been explained to him.  Continuing with proper routines used by the teacher are important in assisting Puppy learn a lesson.

I suppose the only thing I can do is to wait until I get more information from the teacher today.  I hope he gets the wallet returned to him.  It completes him.  Puppy has autism and many times he has no control over some of the actions he does, mostly because he is unaware he is doing them.  I am not making excuses for him, but I am familiar with the words and actions he uses and I can tell when he is purposely doing something whether good or bad, and when it is done without any or much thought.  Did a teacher aide of three months classroom time able to know the difference?