Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Sorry

Is it possible to get too tired of hearing, "I'm sorry"? I know this sounds badly, but this all goes back to Puppy's fear of having his wallet taken away from him for unwanted behavior. So, as quickly as he does or says anything that he thinks was wrong or in poor choice, he starts with "I'm sorry", "I didn't know it was wrong."

I'm so glad he is learning to identify the differences in his behaviors, but I feel that his fears become overwhelming for him, and I find he reacts the only way he knows how. Is it my fault? I'm sure I contributed to this overused reply from Puppy. As a parent, I want order and peace. I believe now, that I may be accepting his apologies too quickly to keep my own sanity and avoid a meltdown. I don't know for sure, but I can assume it would escalate into a meltdown if I take his wallet.

So we continue, he apologizes, I accept, he keeps wallet and I have peace in our home. Seems pretty simple. I didn't start writing this post with this thought in mind. Reading to myself out loud led me to realize the truth of it. Hmm, now I have some work ahead of me to change this habit...slowly.