Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday finally came

Puppy and I started our new week. Unlike most other days, we were both ready and eager. We are adjusting with the changes, and moving along smoothly.

Monday went pretty well. I drove Puppy to school for his first day of Extended School Year, I went to work, then picked him up at the new daycare where he was left off by the school bus driver and monitor after his release from class. His teacher there said he had a terrific day and I was very pleased to see him surrounded by new friends. They were all on the carpet playing and because he was having fun, I actually had to call his name to get his attention. I liked seeing a big grin on his face that let me know he was having a great time.

Then our ride home goes well, too. And for another first, we were having the person who will be assisting with PCS coming over. She did, and we had an introduction that went better than expected, Puppy liked her! She will be coming into our home every Monday through Friday for two hours in the evenings, and three hours on Saturday.

Let me just say that she is wonderful. She has experience working with many special needs children of different ages. I could not have found a better person to let into our home.

We will continue to set up a schedule for Puppy that covers his new school hours, daycare and PCS hours at home. I can only say that I am getting myself prepared for the roller-coaster ride, and yet...I'm hoping it's a carousel that has no surprises.