Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the Blink of an Eye

Maybe one or two of you follow me on twitter and saw this morning that I tweeted, "G' morning. Good news...Puppy woke up in extra good mood today! Many kisses n hugs.  His last vacation day before classes begin for the yr."  Did you read it and smile?  I did while I was typing it for the first time this morning.

Well, that lasted all about 10 minutes.  Puppy then started calling, "where's my shirt, my pants...mom!!!" After I directed him that his clothes is in the same place it has been ever since we've lived there, in his closet, he starts with, "which shirt, I want Levi's not W (Wranglers)!  Then asking him to tie his shoes prompted the response of, "why, why, why, I don't want to."

By the way, the drive to the daycare was pleasant and I got another kiss and hug as I dropped him off.

So, anyway...life goes on.  I love my Puppy and couldn't ask for anything else.