Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mom, did you kiss me good night?

Everything went smoothly tonight. Whew. It was a routine kinda night. We got home, changed our clothes, and I started on supper. I let him unwind a bit by going outdoors to water the grass (for like a whole 5 minutes). He came back in and I ignored his mesmerized attention to his wallet as he sat alone on the couch. He was quiet and self entertained, so I let him be.

Once the food was ready, we sat down together to eat our homemade hamburgers. Afterward, we went over the list of things he still needed to do: homework and shower before bedtime. Sure they are only two things on his list, but anything more than one requires listing them so he is fully aware of completing each task. So he sits at the table again and begins his homework in silence and ever so slowly. He traces the letters and patiently writes out each of the spelling words. Puppy even called me over to see how well he was doing, what a great job! Next thing we knew he was done. To show my appreciation for his good work, I allowed him to check if the neighbors were home and if so, he could ask permission to visit for a short while. They were, and he did.

On his return from the neighbors he was ready to jump in the shower and get ready for bed, and again--it all went so smoothly. He was out in no time and then the question was asked. "What are you going to tell teacher in the notebook?" So we went over all the things he had done tonight and he was satisfied with the fact that all of his actions were good behaviors.

So Puppy goes to his room and begins to collect his favorite toys for bedtime. I am trying to teach him to fix his own blankets so he did his best to place his blankets over each other and off the floor. Puppy uses three twin comforters, which I think give him a feeling equivalent to a weighted blanket. Ah, he's finally in bed and he calls me in to tuck him in. I do and we talk about tomorrow's morning routine and I give him a hug. Not even two minutes go by when I hear him call, "Mom, did you kiss me good night?" I probably did because I don't like to miss an opportunity to get a kiss on his cheeks. But I went right back into his room and smothered his face with many kisses and wished him sweet dreams, then looked at the big grin with dimples. And that was the ending to our beautifully smooth day.