Friday, October 21, 2011

Monitoring the Obsession

We are still here and still trying to manage the wallet obsession as best as we can.

Puppy is substituting the missing wallet with anything else he can get his hands on.  Like paper-made wallets, or  envelopes, checkbook covers, a folded handkerchief, a pocket zippered deck of card holder, etc. However, he has not been allowed to keep any of them, and his credit cards and pictures were removed by his teacher the last time he took them to school in a paper envelope.

He is being given a point daily at school if he has good behaviors.  However, not too long ago he was busted searching my drawers and had to do the consequences that followed, sitting in the baby chair for a little over a week.  He's just now having his sixth day out of the baby chair and is back with his group in the classroom.  The threat of going back with the babies has actually worked for the better.  Anytime there is unwanted behavior just the reminder gets Puppy apologizing immediately and the unwanted behavior is not repeated (for the day, anyway).  It's a start but it is working.

I'll have a lot of catching up to do since I've been away from blogging, but I haven't been at my best health-wise, and I'm not a happy camper these days because of it.  Hopefully, I can sneak away a little more to get back to blogging, I miss it.  It's not exactly venting, but sharing our experiences helps me view things from a different perspective sometimes.  I see myself differently and remind myself to "pick my battles."