Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The other day I watched a video posted on facebook about Carly Fleischmann, Girl with Autism [HQ].  I think its a recording of a 20/20 interview. 

I learned about Carly earlier this year.  She’s a teenager with autism.  She’s also non-verbal.  The video explains how at the age of 11, she was introduced to a computer and was able to type words.  It was her first breakthrough into the verbal world.  

The video is narrated through Carly’s words.  It was quite moving.  At first it was even eerie to see the behaviors shown on the video.  If I had never seen a person have a tantrum or meltdown I may have thought the behaviors to be disturbing.   But as I continued to watch, I was thankful to see and learn from her.  In her own words she explained the reasons she has outburst, self-injury, and tantrums.  I recommend that everyone watch “Girl with Autism” at least once.  And then I recommend that those whom want to learn more about autism, bookmark  and learn about this amazing young woman who has become a “go to” person to ask questions about autism.