Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day One

Seems strange to call it "Day One" since it's been over eight years, but I'm new to blogging and thought I'd give it a try.

I choose to write about the events in my life that specifically surround my son, Puppy. No, it's not his real name but rather a nickname we call each other. He called me that one day and when I asked him why...he said it was because he liked puppies and how they are soft to the touch and he liked to hug them, so we became Puppy for each other.

Puppy is a beautiful twelve (12) year old boy with autism. Our lives may seem a little different from others because autism is a large part of our everyday routines. And for the record, autism does not define my son, but hopefully it will explain what I write about. So with this said, I am blogging to write about some of those events as they happen. You don't have to comment, but I would like to hear feedback. I hope you enjoy the reading.

And I will now post my first blog with hope of many more to follow.