Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, Monday

Finally, Monday and I get to go to work to rest.  I know it sounds ugly, but it's the truth and I'm sure everyone's said it more than once. 

I'm just praying that Puppy has a better day than the last two. I am lucky, no, we are lucky that his teacher is fully aware of the issues at home that she is able to focus and help him adjust at school. 

I hadn't mentioned it before, but Puppy is attending public school and is in the SLC Unit which is set up for autistic students only, a small class of 12 with the teacher and two aides.  It's only because of the behavior problems Puppy had last year at the elementary school that now he is not mainstreamed.  I don't feel that it is hurting him at this time since he had been mainstreamed for the last 4 years. The fact that he's more alert of his surroundings and himself, allowing him to stay in a structured classroom seems to be the best for him.

I could keep writing but it's time to wake up Puppy and have him start his day. Wish us luck.