Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A big Thank You!

Puppy had one of those mornings again. He gets all worked up and ends up having an anxiety attack. On a side note, they aren’t as intense as they were before we changed his meds. He usually ends up correcting his own actions, calms down and talks himself out of them.

I don’t know how some days I don’t keep from having my own nervous breakdown. I know I am exaggerating because there is no way to go through the same emotions he has and simply because I can understand what is going on and he lives in a world without reason. Mostly, I have to say a great big “Thank You!” to the latest person to enter our lives. Let me tell you who that person is.

When I was given notice that Puppy was approved for personal care services, the Provider Services Office suggested that I put out a my own notice for an applicant because the employees with their office are not used to working with special needs children. That gave me the idea to search for a teacher aide that might have some experience working with children as a start and if that person also happened to have knowledge in dealing with the unpredictability and struggles my son goes through on a daily basis, this would be a great plus!

I sought her out amongst strangers not even knowing she was there. But by some miracle we found each other. I’m talking about Ms. H, Puppy’s PCS assistant. Yep, she’s also become my savior. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to check up on Puppy during the day and even after she’s left for the evening. She gives me advice and we discuss ideas to improve Puppy's routine. Rearranging his schedule also helps as a distraction to focus on anything other than his wallet. She has great patience, understanding and years of experience in working with special needs children at one of the local school districts.

I really like the way Puppy accepted her and responds to her. I’ve noticed his attitude changes whenever she is around him. He seeks her attention and companionship. And even though we are always reminding him to try acting like a big boy of 13 years, I can’t help but smile each time he squeaks and squeals and flaps his hands in bliss when she's in our home. She is a perfect match for Puppy.

Now allow me to tell you a little more about how this wonderful person. Oh, the weight she’s taken off my shoulders to help me keep my sanity, especially during the difficult times with Puppy’s tiresome behaviors. Ms. H has a kind heart and I can tell she enjoys what she does. Sure she’s told me so, but it shows, too. She doesn’t know it, but she lights up when she talks about her students. She’s a professional and yet you know she is aware of when to allow a personal moment get through when it’s needed. I don’t know many people, or actually I think she’s the only one that will end her text messaging with a smiley face. That smile always comes across at just the right time.

I am fully aware of the fact that Puppy and I have a special individual in our lives. Now we have to pray that she stays forever. I know that’s kind of extreme, but it can happen. :-)