Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to a wonderful start

Puppy survived his first day of seventh grade. He had no solid information to repeat about his day. Basically, he just mentioned it was alright and that there are only six (6) students in his classroom, including him. So overall this was good news. He didn’t bring home any notes to report any unwanted behaviors, so I would call this a great day!

As I mentioned yesterday, since I drove him to school myself, I was able to talk briefly with his teacher. I caught her up to date on a few behavior issues we had over the summer months and his continued obsession with wallets. She is hoping to give the students more individualized attention due to the small number. And me, I’m just glad Puppy can get back to some real rules. This teacher rocks! I suppose we’ve become the good cop (me) and bad cop (her) without noticing. Some days I just can’t seem to keep myself on track when it comes to setting down rules and sticking to my guns. It’s hard for me to follow through. I’ve done it a few times, but as he gets older I see the teenager in him has started to show itself and he’s actually becoming more rebellious and starting to provide me with argumentative statements to confirm his actions. Anyway, let’s see how the rest of the week goes and hopefully I will see a change for the better in that he begins to follow a permanent routine at school and at home.

Oh, and we can also begin our routines with a new bus driver and monitor. Day two and we are starting a schedule as to what time Puppy will be picked up for school, and it fits in with the time frame I can work with. Waking up Puppy with just enough time to have him ready and waiting will fall within the time frame we used throughout the summer. And on a personal note, they both speak English! I know most of you don’t understand this, but because we live in a border town, this doesn’t happen often. As a matter of fact I can take a look back throughout all nine (9) years that Puppy has been taking a school bus, and this is the first time the driver and monitor both speak English. It is so refreshing. (Sighs)