Friday, December 2, 2011

Eighteen long days

Well, here we find ourselves pushing on with many challenging days in between the holidays still ahead.  Puppy has made it through with our count of 18 days without a tantrum!  He’s been really good about catching himself as he tenses up and he’ll walk away to talk to himself.  This is to basically lecture himself out loud with phrases that have previously been told to him in an attempt to make an attitude adjustment.

The Thanksgiving break went rather smoothly.  He really enjoyed the days with absolutely no routine, those days he didn’t go to daycare and got to spend time at grandma and grandpa’s house.  There he gets to be outdoors the entire time.  He’s a free spirited kind of person.

Although Puppy is not allowed to carry a wallet, he has kept a few credit cards (expired gifts cards) in his pocket.  I even mentioned it to his teacher a couple of days ago, that I’m seeing a pattern that may no longer be isolated to wallets, but rather to the reality that he is able to carry anything in his pockets.  Let me explain.  He recently bought a watch.  He wears it regularly, but he also removes it and places it in his pocket.  The funny part about all this is he is mirroring his uncle.  He looks up to him as a child would his father.  Puppy unknowingly seeks out any male adult that will give him few seconds of their time.  My brother wears his watch and will remove it if he works on cars, his motorcycle, or any outdoor activity that might damage it or simply causes sweat.  I can ask Puppy for his watch and he’ll say it’s in his pocket.  I’ll look at my brother and see the same.  My sweet Puppy is trying so hard to fit in.