Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ONE was reached

Monday morning was just like any other.  The alarm woke me, I went to wash my face, pee, etc., and was getting ready to go downstairs to fix myself some breakfast.  But before that, I have the bad habit of picking up my iphone and skimming through my facebook page for anything exciting that may have happened as I slept.  Truth is I really just want to see what the rest of the world is doing at all hours of the night, similar to the way I used to when I was young and foolish myself.  But now as these days go, I can’t keep myself up late past ten-thirty-ish. 

So I’m reading, reading, scrolling…then a post, a direct to me on my wall from my cousin.  I hurried to view it.  No one ever sends me any posts.  And then there it was.  I read it slowly, and sat back on my bed as I read it over a couple of times. 

Here is what it read:  From Letty to Claire… AUTISM, (A)lways (U)nique (T)otally (I)ntelligent (S)ometimes (M)ysterious.

That was it…nothing more, nothing less.  I had read this so many times in the last few years.  I even have a t-shirt with these words.  But was it possible I had reached ONE person!  My cousin is not an autism parent, nor does she have a sibling with autism.  There was no need to send me a post like the one she did. I myself post articles and pictures, or blogs, videos, etc., but I usually expect other autism parents to read them.   So as an advocate for autism awareness, I am going to put a great big star on the calendar…for that day I felt I reached at least ONE person.  That is all.