Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Saturday (Day 21)

Puppy and I had a wonderful weekend.  This past Saturday was the best we’ve had in a long while.  It started once we left the house to head out to one of our monthly autism support group meetings.  I was excited to go see the new office of South Texas Kids Rehab in town.  It is a new place operated by a couple (Gracie and Steve) who is dedicated to helping all kids. 

The theme for our meeting was “Socializing and Pancakes”.  Yes, that is exactly what we did.  Gracie and Steve actually cooked up pancakes for everyone.  There were also toppings of strawberries, bananas, syrup, whip cream, as well as milk, chocolate milk, and orange juice to drink.  So we had good food and a lot of chit-chatting between moms, our special kids and their siblings did whatever kids do (play, jump, scream, watch TV, etc.).  After finishing up with our breakfast, we decided to walk over to the park that was on the opposite end of the parking lot and across a small creek.  Plus, we could not have asked for a better day for great weather, it was absolutely beautiful…breezy, cloudy and perfect. 

All the kids had a fantastic time.  Even Puppy, whom likes to sit alone, couldn’t resist joining the others to swing from the moving handlebar.  He was so scared to swing at first; but then was so proud of himself once he swung across and the others cheered for him.  It was one of those lump-in-my-throat moments when I saw the natural smile come to his face and then the hand-flapping, can’t forget the joy coming from the hand-flapping…(mom smiles).

I will add that I enjoyed myself as well.  The other moms are such sweet yet strong women.  It’s funny how I never knew any of them until we joined this support group, and now we are uniting more and more on facebook, e-mails, out of town trips, at the park and our monthly meetings, always with kids in tow.  Thanks to the moms, Gracie and Steve, and the kids for sharing our beautiful Saturday.