Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Backup Call

It was one of those days.  I can usually handle just about anything when it comes to Puppy.  However, every now and then he is so talkative and debating my every response, that I feel like putting a closed door between us.  Not so easy when we are the only two people in a moving truck. 

We got home after a long day and just as the conversations were taking place in the truck, they continued after walking in the front door.  I don’t think there is much need to go over the conversation but know that nothing was going to stop him from asking question after question until he heard the answer he was searching for. 

That was it…I texted for backup.  I gave a brief description of what was going on between Puppy and me to his teacher.  I followed her instructions, but wasn’t successful in satisfying his need for answers.  One last text to her read:  “It’s not working. It’s going to take a call from you.”  And she readily answered, “Ok”.  And the phone rang.  I handed it to Puppy and he saw her name…”oh, oh...hello.”

Puppy and his teacher talked for a few minutes.  I could only hear his end of the discussion but I knew she had it under control.  He replied to her questions because now the tables were turned and she was asking and he was answering.  Once they were done he handed me the phone so his teach and I could talk.  She patiently explained how she made sure he understood what he was doing and it was as simple as asking him questions that he could answer about his actions and behavior.  Something about having him say it and hearing his own voice to make sure he heard the requests or rules that were being discussed.

After that one phone call, Puppy stopped talking, finished his snack and went to shower and followed it by jumping into bed.  I tucked him in and he repeated the rules of the day.  Sweet dreams, Puppy.