Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Magical Classroom

Going back to my previous posting -- let me explain.  What I’m saying is that we have created our own language.  We use key words, phrases, even gestures.  Sure, everyone does with their parents, or spouses, or kids, etc.  And I’m just stating that Puppy and I have ours, too.   

Since Puppy obviously can’t be home all day, he goes to school, then daycare on Mondays through Fridays.  This is when our little world gets complicated.  He is going to talk to several people throughout his day and the difference is that they don’t know which key words I use at home, what phrases get the job done, and which ones trigger unwanted behaviors.

His classroom setting is priority.  He has so much structure there; we both would be lost without it.  In fact, it was only two years ago that this structure became reality for us because it was the only place Puppy was able to find himself. It took a very patient and caring teacher. But I wish I had a crystal ball to let me view his progress throughout the day.  I need to know the same key words and phrases that are used in the classroom that got the job done.  What was said, done or used that made him respond with such positive behavior?  I know there is a high percentage of respect that has been earned by his teacher and aides that has influence on Puppy. If they could only teach me, teach me how to obtain the same results at home.  Experience brings knowledge.  Knowledge provides support for experience.