Sunday, March 11, 2012

He's Whole Again

Saturday morning was quiet. I could see the waiting was overwhelming for Puppy. Then finally, his teacher came over as scheduled and the process began.  She pulled out 16 wallets across our dinning room table. However, I want to just let you know that this was only a part of the collection which had grown to at least 25 wallets, but some had been thrown away and others are still in hiding. 

So she spread them out and asked him to examine each one carefully. He was to put aside the ones he liked away from the ones he didn't. The ones he didn't like will automatically be removed. The ones he likes are going through to round two. Done. He picked two from the stack. He was asked to examine those two and pick one. The winner would be final. No more buying new wallets, no more switching from one to another, no modifying his choice with tape or paper, and he will keep it forever. I know it sounds extreme, but I need to use words that are understood by him. And really, forever only means a long time. Probably only until he gets tired of it and puts it away for a rainy day. It can happen.

He made his decision, the Fossil wallet won! Now job number two for him is to pick and choose from this collection of credit cards and business cards and pictures. Puppy was allowed to fill the slits and pockets with only one item in each and not make it bulky with excessive cards.

And then the moment of truth...he slipped it into his back pocket. And the grin from ear to ear was so beautiful. It was magical. I held back the tears and tried to ignore the lump in my throat. An end to an old chapter, and a new one begins.


Anonymous said...

What is the backstory to these wallets?? Can you link to a post where you explain it more fully or at least give more context? Blogs read from most recent post backwards so I have no idea what you are talking about.


Claire said...


Thanks for reading and having an interest in getting down to the beginning of the story about wallets. I write about it often.

Because I'm unfamiliar with the entire ins and outs of how to use Blogger, I was not able to link the stories. I will try to get help and group similar topics as soon as I can, but I think if you go to the end of the posting, there are subject codes like "wallets" and it will bring up all related postings for you.

I hope this helps for the time being.