Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's gotta be the moon

Oh Puppy.  So much is going on these days that I have been trying to concentrate on him and not so much on updating my blog. He's definitely going through something and because I can't figure it out, I am turning to the one thing that other autism parents also believe.  It's the full moon!  I know it's silly, but at least I have an answer to what is causing the meltdowns Puppy has been going through.  Technically, I don't think there was a full moon on the 21st of February, or the 22nd, but there's one tonight and so there you have it. It's the moon!

I'm stumped. But mostly I just want it to stop, for it to all be over.  I don't like seeing Puppy going through a period of regression, because that's what it seems like.  He's gone back to causing severe self-injury and frankly, it scares me.

Lord, please get us through this like you have so many times before.


Jen @ TheUnProcessedKitchen said...

Ohhhhh - my son was a MESS today and I didn't know why; I'm glad I read this!! Hope your tomorrow is better :)