Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now what?

I stayed home with Puppy yesterday. No,  he's not ill with a cold or flu.  Puppy had another meltdown hitting fist on table, pushing chairs, screaming foul language, and cause self-injury at daycare on Tuesday. So this time I was nicely asked if I had considered any other options for Puppy's after school care.

This week however, he was scheduled to be there all week for full days during his Spring Break vacation, which is for all schools around. This being said, there were extra kids at the daycare that normally would not be there, and the daycare had set up the entire week of events themed in western style activities. They had stacks of hay set up throughout the daycare and asked parents were asked to dress the kids in western attire all week. They were having picnics in the classrooms, dances, and a petting zoo set for tomorrow, Friday. Today, the older kids were going on a field trip to a park for a city wide fly-a-kite day, and Puppy was ready to go as well.

The daycare employee told me that she had spoken to Puppy's classroom teacher and she mentioned that she was now afraid of him and his tantrums, and mentioned she was concerned about whether she would be able to handle Puppy outdoors in the park along with other kids. To be honest, I was also considering asking the daycare to leave him in the classroom for the same reasons. There isn't a single staff member that I am aware of with any knowledge or background in caring for special needs children. The teachers have their basic CPR certifications and medical kits in the classrooms, but I don't think it goes further than that.

I don't know the complete details of the event, but I knew it was coming. We were lucky to have gone this far along with support from the daycare, 10 months! So the search has started and I'm seeking out a brave individual or probably a teacher aide familiar with special needs kids to hire for Puppy's care while I'm at work. The search isn't easy and because everyone is out on break, some with out-of-town trips, it has been hard to make contact. But for right now, I am glad to be taking a break from work myself and spending some time with Puppy. And right now, I think we'll go fly a kite.