Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Record broken

A few days ago I wrote Saving his money. That posting spoke about Puppy giving up his wallet and collecting money to buy a new wallet. Day one: he did pretty well. He was a little anxious in the morning after our agreement. He supposedly did well in class, and at daycare. We came home and it is all he talked about forever. Okay, it was really only two hours.

But then something happened. Puppy was still searching for change in drawers and stuff, and oops! He found an old wallet tossed at the back of one of the kitchen cabinets. It must have been from one of those times that I threw it just so that I could show I didn't have it in my possession; then forgot about it. Well it was too late; he had it and quickly ran upstairs to put his belongings in it.

When he came back to show it to me, we talked about the money. He was supposed to buy a new one and have none while he was raising his thirty dollars. So what were we going to do? We decided that he could keep the wallet he found, but then he was not going to get a new one. I was kind of glad. I mean, to me...Puppy was complete again. I didn't have to deal with the daily tantrums and whining about not having a wallet. We both won.

I'm going to let you all guess what happened next. Never mind, I'll tell you. Morning came.

"Mom, I don't like this wallet."

Yeah, this came after the fact that I had already written in the communication folder that we had a half good and a half bad behavior evening, but that he was fine and understood about not being able to get a new wallet because he found one. We were good.

Then he throws me that curve. Well, to keep this a little shorter...he surrenders the wallet to me after I ask him several times, "Are you sure?" I got it from him and hid it as fast as I could. It was gone. Again, he will have to raise thirty dollars to buy a new one. We are now out the door and waiting for the bus. Too much time for him to think; to think about a wallet, any wallet. He is starting to whine and then I cheer that the bus is here! Kiss, kiss, have a good day...and he's off. Whew! Now I get to go to work to rest for nine hours.

One of the support groups was sponsoring a Mother's Day Dinner tonight. I asked my sister to watch Puppy. Of course he did great with her and other family members. But I go to pick him up and the first words out of his mouth are, "Can we go to Walmart to buy a wallet?"

I'm not going to go into details about tonight. I'm exhausted just remembering about the almost two hours we had together. It was "I want", "can I have", "explain to me", etc. Puppy put up a fight and now he is sleeping like an angel. I hope he can have a little peace while he sleeps. But actually his sleeping habits should be another posting down the road.

Sweet dreams, Puppy.