Friday, May 13, 2011

White Flag of Surrender

Yeah, what I meant to say in the title of that previous post was that Puppy lasted a whole day without his wallet. But after some other challenges, and after that post, he actually went two days without a wallet. That is definitely breaks his record.

I promise everyone, I am also dreaming wallets when I'm sleeping, and I might be picking up his bad habit of looking at guys' butts for a glimpse of their wallets in their back pocket. This is not good. I can remember looking at butts for other reasons, haha; but that's another story.

I raised the white flag today. Two days was a very, very long time--for both of us. I promised Puppy that if he brought home a good report from his teacher, we would go to Academy to price the wallets.

On a separate note: If any of you have ever suffered from carpal tunnel, you understand why I first made Puppy take a brief rest while the sun set. It was a hot day; I think we reached 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, I think I got carpo tunnel on my driving arm/hand, meaning that's what is causing it on my left arm. This is discouraging me from driving.

At Academy, we checked out the wallets, and here is where my white flag went up. It was $12.99 and less than what Puppy had already collected. So, he turned over his money to me and he has a new wallet. Yes, we went over new rules, plus he is being monitored for good behavior these next two weeks, or he will not be allowed to join his classmates on a field trip to Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi.

We are going to sleep so good tonight that I can't wait. The idea of watching a rented movie just went out the window. Well, he’s already in deep sleep with some heavy breathing. I’m jealous. But it’s my turn and I’ll write again soon.