Monday, May 30, 2011

And we march on

Memorial Day is set aside each year to remember those we have lost while they were at war. I am thankful that our family has not lost anyone while serving their country. Currently, I do have a cousin who is serving in the Air Force and has had two or three tours in the Iraq war. I'm not even sure I said that right, but bottom line is that he has gone and come back in one piece. I regularly say a prayer for him and all service men and women in our armed forces.

However today, I did not attend any local memorial services, I was guilty of staying home. I went through my routine minus the breakfast and getting into my work clothes and instead slept a little later and woke up Puppy for his usual routine. As I mentioned in my previous post, I drive him to school in the morning now. So I did, and I got down to leave the school nurse Puppy's prescription refill for the month of June. Then I returned home and grabbed a load of laundry to wash. Once that was started, I fixed myself a cup of coffee and sat in front of the TV for a while. Re-runs was all there was. I did a little house cleaning, hung up clothes, washed dishes, etc.

I called my sister Margie to come cook us some lunch. I'd provide the food if she would cook because she knows how to put flavor in all her meals. Lunch time came and went faster than I expected. But we ate well, and even left some for Puppy. As I was thinking of Puppy, his teacher texted me asking if I was going to pick him up or should he go on the bus. He was supposed to get on the bus and be dropped off at daycare for me to pick up later. But he knew very well that I didn't get dressed for work and he confidently told his teacher I was picking him up after school. Oh Puppy, I couldn't help but laugh at his genius plot, so I went to bring him home from his day at school.

After settling back home, I made a call to the woman who had shown interest in working for Puppy and me to provide PCS (personal care services). She said that 4:30 PM was good for her and she'd come to discuss details of the job; she seems anxious to start. Well, needless to say that I was still waiting for her at 7:00 PM. I never received a call from her and have no clue as to why she didn't show. I got a bad vibe from this and I fear she may not be responsible or mature enough for the job. Would you think she is?

I contacted a friend who has been helping to find someone to work the hours we need with Puppy, and she said she would continue to search. It's a shame that we couldn't get started already. I'm ready, but I won't leave Puppy in just anyone's care. I am having a difficult time stressing over something that should be so easy. I ask for patience, patience and more patience. And so, we keep going and we march on.