Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another full moon is coming

Some people joke about it, some people are dead serious about it. Personally, I believe in it. Puppy is not himself whenever there is a full moon.

I used to hear other moms in the support group tease each other about it. It wasn't that I didn't believe, but rather I had not taken the time to check the moon calendar myself.

Today was one of those "full moon" days. It's already 9:45 PM and Puppy is still awake. He's been troubled about one of his obsessions and how to handle it at daycare tomorrow. I'll leave this for another blog though. Tonight is all about the moon. It's actually not a full moon until July 15, but these next days leading to it might just as well be the 15th already.

On these days and nights, Puppy will be quickly agitated, bothered, angered, and anxious. Every word that comes out of my mouth will be the wrong one. He is certain I am out to get him and don't care about him. He blocks out anyone and everyone around him. This is too much to handle all at once.

I am so tired. It has been a long evening. I am truly looking forward to silence and sleep. And soon.

So to parents of special needs children...beware of the full moon.