Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Temporary Writer's Block

Some of you who know me won’t believe this, but I have writer’s block. It seems so hard to believe because I could easily pick a day, any day, and write about something that happened on that day. Something always happens in our lives, good or bad; something to write about is going to happen.

Lately, I’ve been spending some short periods of down time catching up on my facebook friends. You may not find me posting much, but I do read just about everything that reaches my Wall. I also follow some other pages, and find myself flipping from link to link to read other stories about kids, autism, places, service dogs, amusement parks, and other blogs. I even have a separate fb page that will instantly show a link to this website when I post to my blog. Go find it and “LIKE” Claire and Puppy on fb, too.

However, my job requires me to sit in front of a computer all day, so I don’t always want to do it at home. I’ve even considered dropping my Internet provider, but then I come to my senses and remember I have a blog to keep up, lol.

Well, since my writing is about Puppy, I should take a moment to give a brief update. He is doing great! There’s more to this but I don’t want to squeeze the story into a small paragraph. We are in the beginning stages of changing his medications. This is always a difficult decision, one I wish no one has to make. But my priority is to make sure that Puppy is happy, with the ability to function on a daily basis. If he needs medication to achieve this, then I will do whatever is within my power to find good doctors for him. Bottom line…he’s doing amazingly well! J