Monday, July 11, 2011

Still with the broken A/C

It's 1:20 A.M. on Monday morning and I'm sitting at the computer because the humming of my A/C woke me. I noticed it wasn't getting any cooler so it's obviously pushing too hard and therefore causing the noise.

I was told it is alright to keep using it as it is, because it would shut itself down if there was any serious issues with it. And for the most part it is working just fine, up until bedtime when the humming starts. Then I start with one of those signals in the back of my mind that keeps telling me this is not normal operation and I should turn it off for the fear of burning down the house. Believe me, it's not a nice feeling at all.

So I've raised the temperature to allow it to shut off for a while. Now my only problem is that it's getting warmer by the minute and what used to be a decent 75 degrees and already 80 degrees indoors.

The ceiling fan is no longer cool enough. And I also have a tower fan oscillating next to my bed and it is not helping. It's uncomfortable and I'm really waiting for Puppy to notice and wake up soon. Then we'll be two very unhappy campers tonight.

I had the first repairman come to tell me it was the blower motor and quoted the part price at $1100 plus labor.

I then had a second opinion given to me by the owner of an A/C company. He also inspected the unit and told me it was fine, and since I couldn't reproduce the noise he basically didn't believe me; but he would humor me and look for the part price and call me with a quote. I need to call him tomorrow because I think he forgot I was waiting for that quote for the imaginary repair I think I need.

Oh well, I can hear Puppy tossing in bed. He must be starting to feel the warmth. I'm going to try starting it up for a while and see if it will cool down the house and then set it at a higher temperature to help it shut off. Wish me luck and wish Puppy a full night's sleep.