Thursday, July 7, 2011

First week down

Today completes Puppy’s first week of four in a process that will slowly remove one medication and replace it with another by decreasing and increasing the doses, respectively. So have I seen any changes yet? Yes, the first two days did bring about a couple of crying episodes with no real cause for them. I already see fewer bursts of anger, yelling and anxiety attacks. But overall, he is more alert, talkative, and creative, as in wanting to draw, cut and paste.

It almost seems as if his alertness is making him aware of more things. For one, his voice is changing already, and has been upset that he can’t talk like everyone else. But I also interpret that he wants to make conversations with a back and forth dialog. This seems to bother him several times a week. I sure wish I could get inside his head and understand what he is trying to communicate.

Two, he is now aware of the fact that it is summer vacations and a break from school work. We went over the schedule of “How many days do I go to daycare?” and “How many days we stay home?” Each question followed by a “then?” and I went into a loop. This was followed by him saying, “Wow, that’s many days, no school!”

Three, he is getting particular about what he wears. This may have started a few months back, but every night before bedtime, as part of the PCS schedule, he will layout his clothes for the following day. Some days after he wakes up, he goes back into the closet to pick out something different to wear. He even has favorite socks! I bought him white and gray ankle socks and he won’t wear the gray ones, saying he doesn’t like them anymore. The socks are of the same brand, shape, emblem, but still a no-go. Go figure.

Four, he wants to play outdoors. He has always enjoyed being outside, but now he wants to play with the ball, kick it around, water the grass, etc. Usually he would simply sit on lawn chairs or pace up and down the sidewalks. I like this Puppy better because I like that he is interested in being more active.

I could keep on going, but I think you get the picture. And I’m going to work on that…pictures. There’s a place to upload to this webpage but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I’ll take a few minutes on the weekend to test this feature. Wish me luck on this.