Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making a List for Puppy

I worry about Puppy all the time. I can’t grasp my mind around the thought of him growing up and not knowing all that is essential to function on a day to day basis. Oh how I try my best to have him do simple tasks on his own. I’ve forced myself to give him instructions instead of doing things for him. I need to remind myself that nothing is instinct to Puppy.

We are on our way, me teaching and Puppy learning. For example, I taught him how to make his own sandwich, prepare a glass of fruit punch from a powdered mix, brush his teeth, and almost dress himself completely. We are practicing how to cross a street and looking for cars backing up in parking lots. He’s learning to pay at the cash register but it’s a little hard since he still doesn’t know how to give change. He’s learning to tell time. This one helps to allow for different activities or his bedtime, etc.

There is just so much for him to learn in what seems like so little time. He’s already thirteen years old and counting. I understand that nothing has to be mastered, but certain things in life need to be habit for independent living. Although I don’t see Puppy living alone, it is important that he know how to care for his basic needs. We are trying and trying hard.

I would really like some feedback to create a list of things, needs, tasks, etc. that Puppy should be learning and practicing on a daily basis. We take so much for granted that still a list seems to be a hard thing to do for even me.