Monday, February 13, 2012

And yet, one more time

It was about 1:30 this afternoon when I received a text from Puppy's teacher that the dental appliance had slipped off one more time.  Boy, that really made my blood boil.  I couldn't believe I was hearing this.  But this time I was going to get on the ball and get it all done to give Puppy a good night's rest.

My boss overheard me on the phone and gave me permission to leave and take care of Puppy's dental problem.  I called the orthodontist's office and left a voice mail.  I was not going to miss more time from work. And so I was off, but was faced with after-school traffic.  I'm not used to this and was getting easily agitated by the slow driving, bumper to bumper traffic, plus the constant stop and go.  I'm usually a calm, wait your turn kind of driver, but today I was racing against the clock because the dentist closes at 5:00 and it was now 3:00.  Oh, and I had to drive across town and back again, and did I mention there was traffic galore?

For whatever reason, the school did not have the usual drive-thru pick up lane in front of the campus.  So I had to park in the public parking lot and walk over to receive Puppy from the teacher aide. Remember, Puppy doesn't know how to cross the street, so he cannot leave the campus grounds on his own.  We are in the truck and moving out and back across town to the dentist.

You're not going to believe this...they were closed.  Now I'm really not having a good day.  Puppy's asking what happened when he sees the lights out at the dentist's office.  And I tell him we are leaving and going to try Plan B.  I called his previous dentist to ask if he could take us as a walk in to remove the appliance.  He was more than willing to help but we had to hurry because he was going to be leaving in an hour.  So yes, again I rushed across town to the other office hoping I make it on time.  Granted there is faster moving traffic, I can make it.  And we are again.

We made it and the appliance was repaired instead of removed (because I forgot to tell the receptionist when I got there that I didn't want it on anymore).  But he put in extra cement and even put some over the tooth on each side to help keep it in place.  I asked if we could bring our business back to finish the remainder of the treatments for braces, but I actually found out he is not an orthodontist and doesn't work with braces at all.  I'm going to have go back and hope for the best with the doctors that are taking over the patients of the recently deceased orthodontist that Puppy originally started his braces with.

After all was said and done, I could tell his dentist did a great job because the smile on his face told me so.  He was able to speak and smile since he obviously had his dental appliance securely in place.  It was comfortable for him and we were ready to head out of there.  I am praying like I haven't in a while that this be the last time Puppy has to deal with the faulty appliance.  Everyone cross your fingers for Puppy.