Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can't Catch A Break

Sorry for not posting anything for a few days.  It seems that Puppy has some kind of second wind when it comes to talking about whatever is on his mind.  And usually it's about why he can't do this or that. I find myself grinning away from his view, but it's not always easy to face him again with a straight face.  It makes me happy to see him talk so much as opposed to the somewhat quiet boy he was before.  But my frustration takes over when he objects to every answer I give him.  If it's not what he wants to hear, he will ask and ask until I break down and ask him to please stop talking for a while and let me rest.  I might be able to distract him with, "Would you like a fruit cup?"  And that may give me a five to ten minutes of silence.  So I have not been posting because I am worn out, completely!  His need for my undivided attention is more than I can handle some days.  However, I will try to get back into a routine as soon as I can.  Thanks for hanging in there.