Sunday, February 12, 2012

To the Dentist, Again

I had planned for a different night this past Friday.  One of my support groups was having a "Moms' Night Out", so I had made arrangements for Ms. H to pick up Puppy from daycare while I first attended a wake, then continued to the support group's fun night.

It all went well.  Puppy was doing good with Ms. H and I was playing Loteria (Spanish form of Bingo).  When my night of relaxation came to an end, I headed home.  I found Puppy showered and ready for bedtime.  Except for one thing.  His dental appliance had popped out of place, again.  Why on a Friday?!

So we woke up early on Saturday because I was aware of the fact that I had to hunt down a dentist that would take us as a walk-in.  I has already checked with his current dentist's website and they are not open on Saturdays.  So I did the next thing I could think of, I called his previous dentist.  He wasn't open and told me he would take him without a problem, except for one big problem...he was out of town and would return Sunday around 5 P.M.  If we were unable to find help for Puppy, he told me to call him and we would be welcomed.

Just as I was searching, I took a chance and called the current dentist's office, and hurrah...they were open! They had a surgery schedule but we could go on over, so we did as quickly as I could drive there.  We made minor adjustments to the bracket and removed the arms.  If this doesn't stick, we are done.  We'll approach the idea of using another appliance if it fails.  After all, he needs to keep this appliance on for about eighteen months.  Ugh! I just pray we are not frequent visitors to the dentist office in the coming months as we have been this past week alone.