Thursday, February 16, 2012

So far, so good

Two full days after having his dental appliance put back into place with extra cement/glue, it seems to be holding well. I can even tell that it is not bothering Puppy anymore because he is speaking faster, not that clearly but he's trying and he's more confident about eating. I will be calling the dentist one more time to see if they are open on Saturday so that the pistons can be put back on.  Waiting until his next appointment in March will only delay the process. I can only hope we don't have problems once the adjustments are made.

I also wanted to mention that Puppy wore a watch on his wrist yesterday.  It's the second watch because his teacher kept the other one because he was messing with it in class.  I got a great report.  She told me that she didn't mention a word about it and he was able to focus on his work without giving attention to the watch. Such a big progress on Puppy's part. He wore the watch all day and she rewarded him with a cupcake at the end of the school day. Kudos to him!